“Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.” - Joe Sparano


Orange October

Happy Orange October!  With the Giants in the playoffs, Halloween rapidly approaching, and pumpkin patches popping up on corners around town, the people of San Francisco and surrounding areas are definitely in the spirit.  Baseball aside, we have some great ideas for incorporating the color of the month in your home. Orange is a very versatile […]


It’s a bit gloomy in San Francisco today, but this shot of pale yellow is sure to brighten your day… I love the bold geometric pattern on this Surya Frontier rug (lower left) and the freshness of the Phillip Jeffries Rings hemp wallpaper (lower right). Another great way to add a temporary pop of yellow […]

Fashion Inspiration

As designers we are always waiting for the next big thing to catch our eye. However, there will always be that one mug, one blanket and that one dress that we will use over and over again because it’s just so warm and cozy. This week I am being nostalgic with my nautical roots and […]


I am a total bookworm…everything from non-fiction to historical fiction to (obviously) interior design “coffee table” books.  William Stout in San Francisco is a seriously bad habit for me because I can easily drop some cash on books with pretty covers and beautiful images inside.  That being said, they can also be a great resource […]

Spring cleaning!

I always know when the first day of Spring rolls around because it’s also my birthday.  My mom always teased me growing up because I LOVE spring-cleaning.  Literally, I get such a thrill from purging, organizing and then enjoying the clean, end result.  Here’s what’s on my spring cleaning to-do list: 1. Organize closets Several […]

Behind the scenes…

Part of the reasoning behind my blog is to provide some insight into me, Denise Maloney, as a designer and an individual.  So I figured what better way to share some personal insight than a behind the scenes look at my office.  I am a strong believer in surrounding yourself with things you love and […]


If you start to groan when you hear the word geometry, never fear, I won’t be talking congruent triangles any time soon.  When I think of geometry, I think of shapes and pattern in textiles, carpets, wallpaper, etc.  So let’s explore some examples of geometric patterns for interiors that feel fresh and fun… Maybe you […]