Back to School 2014 – Creative Homework Spaces

As “back to school” season rapidly approaches and the days of pool parties fade back to homework sessions, we are thinking of stylish ways to incorporate kids’ workspaces into everyday homes.  For our project in Ashbury Heights, San Francisco, we have designed three built-in homework stations with additional storage for our client’s younger children to have a designated, organized space to focus on their studies.

Sanchez_Work Station Sketch

Having a specific place to work can help kids feel more organized and focused.  Knowing that homework is always done at the homework table makes it easy to stash their backpacks and open their books.  The addition of electrical outlets allows for both electronic and by-hand work, so the kids can get all of their work done in one place.

Martha O'Hara Interiors_Bywood Street_Workspaces

(Image above by Martha O’Hara Interiors was a good inspiration for side-by-side workstations)

An added plus for parents are cabinet drawers and doors for concealed storage of markers, pencils, scissors, and homework supplies! Additional storage space for books, resources, graded work, etc. makes organization a snap – no more need to find a place in your own office or files for your kids’ schoolwork.

Enjoy this time as your kids head back to school and hopefully these design solutions will inspire you to carve out your own space for an organized and handsome work area that kids and adults can enjoy for years to come.