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It seems that everyone in the design industry is crazy busy this Spring, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I temporarily turn this into an “Eichler Remodel” blog as that’s where all my free time is going these days…managing my own remodel.

My husband and I bought an Eichler in Walnut Creek 4 years ago and knew that we wanted to remodel within 4-5 years, so here we are 4 years in and up to our ears in construction!  Over the past 4 years we have grown to love certain aspects of our Mid-century modern home: the floor to ceiling glass, exposed beams, great indoor/outdoor flow, radiant heat and the efficient floor plan.  The things we don’t love so much are mostly things that have been added over the years that aren’t in keeping with the style and integrity of the home…and a not so efficient kitchen (a major sticking point for me since I love to cook).  So, after MUCH planning, last week was our demo milestone…hooray!

Kitchen_Before and Demo

Above shows the kitchen before and during demolition.  The plan calls for opening up the galley kitchen to the Living Room beyond, so the wall in between had to go and what a difference it makes already.

LR to Kitchen_Before & Demo

This week we are working on installing new radiant heat in the floors to replace the 60-year old radiant heat system that is inevitably going to fail in the near future.  It is incredibly dusty, non-glamorous work, so the photos aren’t very exciting, but here is the general approach…

2014-04-14 13.07.01

Yes, we really love our radiant heat…hence the huge amount of effort (and $$$) to keep this cozy and efficient heating system.

And now for a sneak peak at the next step, which is the finished flooring.  We have chosen to go with a polished concrete (which will be warm under foot in the winter thanks to radiant heat, and cool in the summer) and are looking at a warm taupe color with some of these images as inspiration…

Concrete Floor Inspiration

Stay tuned for more on the kitchen design and other details in the coming weeks.

8 thoughts on “Eichler Remodel

  1. How exciting. Love the plans and design you are going for. Can’t wait to see” more as you go photos”

  2. Looks like you have the same model as ours, in Sacramento. We decided to keep/restore the mahogany wall between kitchen and living space, but I can see the logic of removing it. Good decision on the polished concrete floor –should look great. Look forward to seeing how things progress…

    • Thanks Andy! You must have the JE-85/MC-55 model like us. There are a few in our area, but I understand this was a popular model in Sacramento as well. The topping slab was poured today, so check back in for more photos soon!

  3. Great design! We also just bought house with floor radiant heating system. I can’t tell from the picture. But did you groove the concrete floor to install a new system? How did you know it’s going to fail soon? Love you polished concrete flooring. It’s not composed of tiles, is it?

    • Hi Mia, thank you! Yes, we had original radiant heating w/ copper pipes, but were worried it would fail, so we cut grooves in the concrete slab to install a new, pex-tubing radiant heat system. We suspected there had been a couple leaks that prior homeowners had repaired and most of our neighbors’ radiant heat had already gone kaput, so we knew it was only a matter of time since we had copper pipes. The new polished concrete flooring is seamless, no tiles. We had a topping slab poured over the new radiant heat, and then a stained, polished concrete skim coat over that. Good luck with your home and its radiant heat, it’s truly wonderful!

  4. Congratulations, your renovations are beautiful! The floors are amazing! We recently purchased a smaller Eichler in Castro Valley. Could you email me the flooring company you used? We’re about to undergo a major renovation as well. Thanks!

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