Caribbean Pattern Play

I recently took a quick trip to the Dominican Republic for some much needed R & R.

After two days on the beach, we started to get antsy, so we booked a trip to the capital of Santo Domingo to get our culture fill.  In addition to learning a lot about the history of the Dominican Republic and its discovery by the Western world, I also started noticing some of the beautiful patterns employed in colonial interiors.

The beautiful, black and white tiled floor is a great example of using simple materials to create a dramatic floor pattern.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a small blue & white castle tile imbedded in the terracotta tiles below.  The castle represents the family crest of Diego Colon (son of Christopher Colombus) and it was utilized in flooring and custom furnishings throughout his home.  Takeaways from this revelation included: 1) I need to discover or create a family crest, and 2) I need to utilize said crest in a creative way throughout my home.

Moving on to the first cathedral built in the Americas, Catedral de Santa Maria, where there was plenty of pattern inspiration to be had.  I loved this vaulted ceiling in one of the chapels…

Another chapel had these charming, hand-painted tiles that would be perfect in a Spanish hacienda…

For some inspiration closer to home, Country Floors has long been a favorite of mine for unique and exotic tiles.  Their Odyssey collection combines old-world materials with new world technology for an end result that is contemporary and timeless.

Whether you are taking a summer vacation or just exploring your neighborhood, I encourage you to open your eyes to the wonderful patterns found both in nature and in man-made structures…it can be a great source of inspiration!

Denise Maloney Interior Design