Spring cleaning!

I always know when the first day of Spring rolls around because it’s also my birthday.  My mom always teased me growing up because I LOVE spring-cleaning.  Literally, I get such a thrill from purging, organizing and then enjoying the clean, end result.  Here’s what’s on my spring cleaning to-do list:

1. Organize closets

Several times a year, I go through my closet and get rid of unused clothes and accessories, and then donate gently used items to my favorite charity.  Whatever is left in my closet, I organize by item and by color.

2. Cleaning painted walls

I love flat paint on my walls, but they do show scuffs more easily, so it’s a perfect time of year to clean up any blemishes.  Start with a clean cloth or sponge and water…this usually does the trick for most scuff marks.  But if that doesn’t work, dip your rag into water mixed with a little dishsoap.  I love Dawn dishsoap as it’s the best for a multitude of things, including cleaning your nickel faucets.

3. Change out bedding and decorative accessories

Nothing says Spring like changing from colorful flannel sheets (my Winter staple) to crisp white bedding.  Also, if you do have seasonal pillows or other decorations (maybe a collection of glass bottles), now is a great time to switch those out and freshen up your living space.

4. Reorganize bookshelves

I am obsessed with bookshelves; I am an avid reader and I love showcasing books and other accessories on shelves.  But they can get cluttered and tired looking if you never reorganize, so Spring is a great time to move books around, add some new photos, and add a pop of color to your shelves.

So now you have your homework for the week, spring cleaning!  And don’t forget to reward yourself afterwards with a special treat.  Whether it’s a nice glass of wine, dessert or spa time, if you reward yourself for doing something productive around the house, the whole experience will be more enjoyable.

Denise Maloney Interior Design