Fascinating Furniture

As I was catching up on a summer issue of Elle Decor, I came across a fascinating furniture innovation…the ping pong dining table from James DeWulf.

DeWulf’s table is made of concrete reinforced with lightweight carbon fiber and is suitable for outdoor entertaining in the way of dining, and of course, a regulation sized ping pong table.  Pricey, but fun.

Another fascinating furniture innovation is the idea of convertible furniture…and I’m not talking your mother’s pull-out sofa.  The Italian furniture maker, Campeggi, has a line of seriously convertible furniture such as their Castelletto sofa/bunk bed transformer.

Some of their line is really out there, but this could be fun for a modern kids guest room.

I find furniture design and innovation fascinating, so even though it’s not all necessarily my style, I still appreciate the creativity and technology that goes into the design.

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  1. I’m curious about the combo ping pong table. The picture doesn’t seem to do it justice. The net needs to come off and some greenery or flowers added!

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