Back to school

Since the neighborhood kids are headed back to school this week, I started reminiscing of when I went back to school for interior architecture & design and all of the amazing things I learned during those 3 years.  When I think back to inspirational designers and architects that I studied during design school, I can’t help but think of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America’s most revered architects.  Wright had many noteworthy projects, but one of my personal favorites is Fallingwater, also known as the Kaufmann Residence.

Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater

Fallingwater was built in 1935 in rural Pennsylvania and in my opinion, there are 2 amazing features: 1) it was built over 75 years ago and still looks completely contemporary in the 21st century, and 2) thanks to its cantilever design, the home is built over a waterfall, perfectly integrated with its surrounding natural beauty.

The construction of Fallingwater was wrought with controversy, but nevertheless, the home still stands today (with some structural improvements to counter deflection) and is open for tours.  So the next time you find yourself on the East Coast and are looking for a little architectural education, stop by and see one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s greatest achievements in person.

Denise Maloney Interior Design