Art Gallery Opening

Last night I attended a summer soiree at COCA, the Coalition of California Artists, on Kansas and 17th in San Francisco.  They were showcasing the work of several local artists and I was pleasantly surprised to see some talented work at reasonable prices.  Art is like jewelry for your home, you may have some “diamonds” that you really invest in, but it should also be accessible if you want to support the local arts, but don’t happen to be a millionaire (yet).

Clockwise from top: Hilla Hueber showcasing a beautiful series on color and light, Linda Donohue’s abstract seascapes (bottom right), and Roberta Ahrens’ botanical art (bottom left).

My recommendation on purchasing artwork is to take your time and collect only what you truly love…it’s a process and it will take time, but eventually you will have a collection that really speaks to your sensibilities and interests.

Denise Maloney Interior Design