Kitchen organization

I am a pretty organized person in most aspects of my life, but even I can get overwhelmed in the kitchen…especially if you have a small kitchen or cabinetry that is lacking interior organization.

My first task for belated spring cleaning?  Tackling the clutter in my spice cabinet.

Before – Yikes, that’s embarrassing!

Spice Cabinet Before

It has to get worse before it gets better, right?  A very messy counter = a blank slate to begin organizing…

To help me get organized, I bought this tiered mesh shelf from Container Store for a reasonable $8, which not only allows me to see spices in the back of the cabinet, but you can also stash seldom used containers underneath.

Container Store 3-Tier Mesh Shelf

You can certainly get a lot fancier if you want to invest more in cabinet organizers, but for my cabinets that will someday get replaced, this is the perfect interim solution.  Much better now!

If you take things one step at a time and choose a different cabinet to clean up each week, before you know it your kitchen will be in ship shape!

Happy organizing,