Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I am blessed with 2 wonderful moms in my life…my beautiful mother of 32 years, Sharon Greene, and a more recent addition, my amazing mother-in-law, Jenny Maloney.  This year I am also blessed with a gorgeous mother-to-be in my family, my sister-in-law, Amy Greene…yay for the moms!

What better way to say thanks to the mom(s) in your life than by putting together a hand-picked, handmade floral arrangement?  It’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Walk your garden or neighborhood and gather a handful of greenery and one standout flower.  For my example, I am using just one bird of paradise as my accent.

2. Find a large container and start laying in the greenery one-by-one, like spokes on a wheel.  Then place the flower right in the center and it will be held up by the “wheel” of greenery.

3. Hand deliver to mom with a big hug!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there…enjoy your special day and let you be appreciated all year long!


One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  1. Thanks so much wonderful daughter of mine. You’re the best and it was fun spending time with all my family on Mother’s Day.

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