House of mirrors

No, I’m not talking about a carnival attraction; this week I’d like to show you some great ways to use mirrors in your own home.  Mirrors serve a variety of purposes – they can be functional and/or decorative, they can enlarge a small room or they can bring in beautiful colors from the outdoors.  Why not try an unique framed mirror at the entry or a beautiful silver-leaf frame over your bathroom vanity?  Here are some great sources for decorative and functional mirrors…

The “Claude” mirror from Made Goods is comprised of faux shagreen (stingray) leather surrounding a circular mirror.  The texture of the shagreen and the unique color would be perfect in an entry foyer.

Made Goods Claude Mirror GreyI love window pane mirrors for small, dark spaces because not only does the reflection of light brighten up the room, but you get the added bonus of extra “windows”.  The “Jill Mirror” by Ballard Designs is a great choice for a Living Room or Dining Room.

Ballard Designs Jill MirrorOr if you’re a do-it-yourself person like my multi-talented brother Neal Maloney of Morro Bay Oyster Company, why not take a found object and turn it into a one-of-a-kind mirror frame.  Neal re-purposed some reclaimed redwood from a 200 year old water tank, created a 2×4 frame on the back, and added bridge washers and square lag bolts for character.  His beautiful girlfriend Kristin is the lucky recipient of said mirror and it’ll make quite the statement in its new home.

Water Tank Mirror by Neal MaloneyHave fun adding character to your own space with a fun, decorative mirror.

Denise Maloney Interior Design