Kitchen Trends

I recently had the pleasure of attending an appliance training at the Gaggenau/Thermador/Bosch showroom down in Orange County. There were two huge highlights of the day: 1) using top of the line appliances to cook our own gourmet lunch with a professional chef, and 2) using their test kitchen to test out cooking demos on theirs and competitors ranges (Wolf, Viking, GE). Additionally, we spoke about some of the latest trends in appliances and kitchen design, so I thought I’d share some of those visual with my favorite readers…

The Hidden Kitchen

Movable Countertop 1

This might be as elaborate as a moveable countertop that hides the sink or cooktop, or it might be as simple as a cutting board or other accessories that fit into your sink. Personally, I have a sink with a custom-fit cutting board and I absolutely love chopping vegetables there because I can easily sweep any remnants right into the sink.

Sink Cover 3

Colorful Appliances

Color 2

This one’s a commitment for sure, but if you love color, why not? I love the way this cobalt blue completely transforms this white kitchen…

Color 8

Decorative Venthoods

Decorative Hoods 13

Decorative venthoods run the gamut from modern to traditional. I love the simple, rustic mantle on the one above or go more traditional like below with applied beadboard…

Decorative Hoods 6

Steam cooking


This was a new concept for me, so I’m still getting on board, but apparently professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts all agree that steam cooking is the wave of the future. Some of the benefits of steam cooking are:

  • Food is crisp on the outside and moist on the inside
  • You can cook multiple dishes perfectly at the same time with no flavor transfer (i.e. great for entertaining or busy families)
  • Healthier: food tastes better and loses fewer vitamins and minerals when cooked with steam
  • Better reheating: steam lets you reheat without losing moisture, texture or flavor