Pre-Spring Cleaning

Tidy living spaces seem to make life just a little bit easier, wouldn’t you agree?  Life can get chaotic as the year progresses (think end of school, summer vacations, holidays, etc.), which makes this the perfect time to tidy up and declutter your home.  Keep these tips in mind while reorganizing any space in your home…

Purge First – The perfect start to any reorganization effort is deciding what you do and do not need.  Getting rid of excess or unneeded items in closets or workspaces will allow for better function and use of space.  If it doesn’t serve a purpose for you, you most likely don’t need it!

Open Storage-DMID
Open kitchen storage with everyday plates and glasses.
By Denise Maloney Interior Design.

Decide Where it’s Going – Once you have decided what to do away with, have a clear plan of where it is going.  Instead of letting bags of unwanted items sit around too long, plan to donate them to charities or friends, and dispose of otherwise unusable items.


Mixed office organization with boxes and bins.
By Denise Maloney Interior Design.

Buy Wisely – Assess how to best store your remaining things, plan out what items you’re missing, and then buy!  Get inspired by flipping through design magazines, browsing Houzz (find our profile here), and thinking about what items you use the most.  Keep top priority items easily accessible and visible, and the things you use less often more tucked away.

Closet by Pam Smallwood

Closet design with a mix of easily accessible casual and dressy clothing.
By Pam Smallwood.