SF Spotlight: Saint Frank Coffee

It’s no secret that we love our coffee at DMID.   It’s also no secret that there are infinite numbers of coffee shops all throughout San Francisco.  What often sets certain coffee shops aside from others is quality of the coffee, and of course for us, design of the space.  Saint Frank on Polk Street is a standout example of a fantastic San Francisco coffee shop: delightful coffee, yummy pastries and treats, and smart, attractive design.

Photo from Dwell

Photo from: Dwell

When you walk into Saint Frank, you’re immediately greeted with high ceilings, bright sunlight, warm wood finishes, and a long, curved bar.  The space planning is simple – you order at the front of the counter and continue around the bend to pay for and grab your cup, and then take a seat at either the more private banquette tables, communal high-top tables, or upstairs in the loft area.

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Photo from: DMID

What makes this Russian Hill spot especially unique is the great use of materials and finishes.  The diagonally angled oak walls and floors create dynamic lines throughout the space, and are softened by the warmth of their color.  They also create interesting visual meeting points where they touch.  The simple, white hexagonal mosaic tile on the bar adds another fun geometric element to the space.  The pictured copper grinder next to the purple gladiolas adds an unexpected pop of color amongst the mostly silver coffee equipment.

Photo from PB Inside and Out Blog

Photo from: Pottery Barn Inside and Out

Lastly, Saint Frank has an awesome upstairs loft space to work on your computer, enjoy your cup of coffee, and peer out to Polk Street from a perch.  It’s a more intimate space, removed from where the actual business is taking place.  Oh, and if you find yourself needing a drink recommendation, get the Almond Macadamia Nut Latte.  You won’t regret it.