Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day!  The 4th of July is the perfect time for family fun, warm weather, spending time outside, and of course, throwing parties!  In honor of tomorrow’s holiday, I wanted to share some fun decorating and serving ideas to make your 4th parties really sparkle.


I love this serving table setup, complete with pleated paper fans in solid and patterned red, white, and blue.  Fun details like red chevron  napkins, mini flags, colorful signs, and yummy food make this space look inviting and festive.

Berry and Cheese

Of course, no party is complete without yummy food!  Here is a cute idea for a festive, fun, and healthy snack dish.  Creating rows of white cheeses and red berries make the stripes of the flag, while a small bowl of blueberries has the blues and whites of the stars.  Maybe mix in some watermelon to the red rows, or pineapple in the white!

Painted Jars

Last but certainly not least, the most multifunctional cup known to mankind: the Mason jar.  There are infinite ways to use these classic pieces at a party, but I love the idea of painting the jars in the flag’s colors, and using them as vases for flowers and centerpieces, or even jars for candy.

Enjoy your time with your family, and soak up the sun on our nation’s birthday!