The Kite Chair

My husband and I went to Berkeley over the weekend to begin scouting out furniture for our Eichler home that is currently under renovations.  What started out as “let’s just look at some options”, turned into, “we love it, let’s buy it”.  Oops!  I’m very excited to share our first purchase, the Kite chair designed by Shin Azumi and manufactured by Italian furniture-maker Fornasarig.

Fornasarig_Kite Lounge Chair

The Kite chair is designed to look like a traditional box kite trapped in flight.  Seemingly delicate and lightweight, but with a strong structural form, the sling seat is actually quite comfortable and supportive.  I have always like the lines of this chair, but we really fell in love with the grey-washed wood frame and bright blue wool fabric.  So now we just need to design the room around this specific blue fabric…challenge accepted, my friends.