Santa Fe Contemporary Art Scene

On my trip to New Mexico last weekend, I took a stroll down to Canyon Road, “The Art and Crafts Road” in Santa Fe.  Canyon Road features over 100 galleries showcasing art ranging from Native American works of the past to contemporary works of today.  While I was there, I visited a number of galleries, gathering inspiration from the stunning artwork on display.

Daniel Phill_Auden

“Auden” – Daniel Phill – Acrylic on Canvas – 36 x 36″

One of my first stops was Karan Ruhlen Gallery, established in 1993.  The gallery features “Contemporary, Modern and Abstract Painting and Sculpture by Regional and National Artists”.  I was particularly taken with the above piece by Daniel Phill.  The vibrant colors and brushstrokes seem to dance and move around the canvas, harmonizing in a summery palette.

Cody Hooper_Distant Dreams

“Distant Dreams” – Cody Hooper – Acrylic on 2″ deep, all-wood panels (black painted edges) – 48 x 48″

My second stop on Canyon Road was Pippin Contemporary, founded in 2011.  This gallery focuses primarily on showcasing fresh, vibrant and collectible contemporary artwork ranging from abstract paintings to sculpture.  They aim to feature energetic, passionate artists.  Texas born artist Cody Hooper, now living and working in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, was one of these featured vibrant artists.  Hooper’s “Distant Dreams” caught my eye with expressive brushstrokes, abstracted circular geometry, and bright color contrasting with the dominant black shape.   The way the color bleeds out from the center of the circle towards the end of the canvas, starting out very saturated and fading to a lighter, more “watercolor-like” look is stunning.

Joy Richardson_Synthesis

“Synthesis” – Joy Richardson – Acrylic on Canvas – 60 x 48″

Last, but certainly not least, I visited Canyon Road Contemporary, a gallery showcasing contemporary art in a range of media: pastel, oil, acrylic, bronze sculpture, and more.  Featured artist Joy Richardson’s paintings stood out to me for their bursting color and asymmetrical balance.  Richardson is based in Oklahoma City, and describes herself as, “ever evolving, developing interesting textures, new colors and use of space and techniques.”  Her piece, “Synthesis” encapsulates Richardson’s love of color and texture, with primary colors contrasting against a dark hue.  The piece is dreamlike – like a colorful, bursting cloud.

I really enjoyed my trip to this inspiring art community in Santa Fe, and encourage all of you to make a trip there next time you find yourselves in New Mexico!