San Mateo Highlands Eichler Home Tour

This past weekend, my husband and I headed across the Bay to The Highlands neighborhood in San Mateo for their annual Eichler home tour.  Despite having a million other things to do, our abbreviated home tour was well worth the drive and the time.  There was a nice range of Eichlers, from restored originals to modern versions.  Here are some of the highlights…

2014-05-04 14.32.37


Above: I love horizontal fencing, but it always seems like it might not hold up as well over time.  These metal posts are a much sturdier construction method.

2014-05-04 15.12.53

Above: genius idea for updating original closet doors…plastic panels from TAP Plastics.  Definitely putting this on my husband’s honey-do list.

2014-05-04 13.57.17

Above: NanaWall…oh how I love you.  Maybe someday.

2014-05-04 13.52.24

Above: this may seem like a silly highlight, but this epoxy coat on the garage floor looks amazing…another one for the honey-do list.

2014-05-04 14.05.49

Above: French drain for a walk-in shower…so clean and simple.

Always nice to see Eichler inspiration in-person.  Thank you San Mateo Highlands!