The Emerald Isle

Since my last name is Maloney (and my maiden name is Greene), I figure I pretty much have to do a blog post celebrating Irish heritage and culture…with a designer-y spin, of course.  Ireland is affectionately known by many as the Emerald Isle due to its lush, green countryside.  I often take interior design cues from landscape, so what better day than Saint Patrick’s Day to explore the color green?

Emerald Green Blog Post

There are so many beautiful shades of green to choose from, but I love a bold emerald green as an accent color.  This shade of green looks great paired with white or grey walls with pops of black to ground it.

The Peacock armchair from Capellini (lower left image) is a wild and fun use of crumpled felt, while the kelly green dresser in the upper right (courtesy of The Hunted Interior) takes a classic room and infuses it with a fresh, youthful sensibility.

So think outside the box this St. Paddy’s Day and brainstorm ways to use this gorgeous hue into your own home.