Lighting 101

Living in California, we have an abundance of fresh, local food and great wine, so lingering around the dining table is a frequent occurrence in many households.  Last week we looked at some  fabulous dining tables and this week our eye is moving up a bit to eye-catching chandeliers.

Looking for inspiration, the above art installation really captures the essence of a great chandelier.  Lighting design has exploded in the last couple years, creating an entirely different interpretation of lighting fixtures and zillions of options to choose from.

In the modern world of lighting, minimalism continues to be a strong trend.  Sometimes the lack of ornamentation can make the biggest impact.

The Arteriors Edmond Hexagon Pendant is constructed entirely out of iron with a singular accent bulb. The thing I love about this fixture is that, depending on the space, it can make a huge statement or add just a slight bit of detail.

I recently discovered Mark Eden Schooley’s Koushi lamp, which is constructed entirely of steel wire and cotton.

These simple lamps would be a great DIY project if you have a free afternoon…just gather up a few lengths of cotton and steel wire from your hardware store.  Don’t stress if the shape is not perfect or the cotton is blemished…the organic shape only adds to the character of this fixture.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, I encourage you to start paying attention to lighting as you explore new places and spaces….it just might have a great effect on your own home.