Outdoor Inspiration

I am an avid hiker and lucky for me, there are an abundance of hiking trails in the East Bay.  I love the Mt. Diablo foothills in the Spring…the late rains lending a last burst of color before the hills turn to gold.  Hiking not only keeps me in shape and clears my head from all the chaos, but it also inspires the colors that I use for interior spaces.

I love how the yellows of mustard plant pop against the green grass and the bright blue sky…

Denise at Mt Diablo Shell Ridge

As much as I love the sight of green hills during winter, I even enjoy watching the hills turn golden, as it provides a different perspective and highlights plants, flowers and scenery you might not otherwise notice…

Pleasant Hill

Now what does this have to do with interior design you ask?  Colors found in nature are some of the prettiest, most soothing colors to use inside your home as well.  I was shopping at the San Francisco Design Center late last week and found some of these beautiful golden colors represented in the Witford showroom as well.

I love this woven, natural fiber coffee table.  The texture and sunny hue would be perfect in a monochromatic room…

Witford SF

So many fabrics to choose from!  Love all the neutral colors and textures as they remind me of being outside…

Witford SF fabrics

The next time you step outside, take a minute to look around you and feel inspired by all the beautiful colors and textures found in nature.

Happy hiking,