Biggest Bang for your Buck – Part 3

Color can make a huge impact on a space, so what is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to quickly change the color in a room?  Paint, of course.

Step One: use colors found in nature for a calm, serene feel.  I love how the greens and browns photographed on a fall trip to the Philo Apple Farm translate beautifully to a sitting room featured in House Beautiful…

House Beautiful Green Sitting Room

Step Two: choose a color you like, then go 2 shades lighter.  Why?  Color always looks darker and more intense on a whole wall or in an entire room than it does on a small paint chip, so unless you have really intense natural or artificial light, I recommend going slightly lighter than what you think you want.

Step Three: test drive.  Order several, large paint chips to tape up on the wall or purchase a sample paint can and do a brushout on the wall.  Below are some before/after photos of a dental office in Pleasant Hill where we used this exact process to give the Client a better idea of how much color to use.


Dr Leung Dental Office - Before


Dr Leung Dental Office - After

If you are overwhelmed with selecting a color, ask a designer or color consultant to provide an in-home color consultation.  Most will provide this service at an affordable price and it can take the stress out of choosing a color.

Happy painting!